Organic food and farming culture blended with exceptional tastes turns into a gourmet journey in our restaurant Taşra Kaş.

With the most beautiful views and the most delicious menu of the Kaş, the culinary delights of our restaurant has been prepared by the chefs of the MSA The Culinary Arts Academy.

In addition to the morning breakfast, our menu offers a variety of delights that can cater to everyone's tastes as well as lunch snacks and dinner.

Start the day right with our delicious breakfast menu which only prepared with organic products that we raised in our farm. And enjoy the rest of the day with a snack menu that serves the most delicious form of hamburger, hot-dog and pasta.

Delicately thought-out details meet with a stylish atmosphere in our restaurant. We have exquisite tastes of International and Mediterranean Cuisine. Our menu offers best kind of seafoods, as well as a wide range of appetizers, special desserts and beverages.

All the products used in our kitchen are cultivated meticulously in our farm in Manavgat, Çolaklı Area. All meals that prepared daily serve in it’s freshest form, while the remaining meals are shared with stray animals instead of being tossed away.

All-day culinary feast in our restaurant Taşra Kaş awaits you for 12 months of the year.